20 03 2009

So it looks like my plan for my new blog is not going, well, according to plan.   I had all of these wonderful images of my blogging, blogging, blogging away about all of the myriad things that pop into my mind every day.  Yeah.  Working out so well.

I was going to write about being weeks away from 29 and finally, for the first time in my life, wanting a baby.  And I don’t mean just some faint baby pangs.  I mean consuming, uterus aching, baby longing.  For real.  And yet? No words.

I was going to write about the joys of being laid off, unemployed, and then under-employed during a recession.  About how many rejection letters I’ve received from jobs I’m totally qualified for, jobs I’m sort of qualified for, and jobs I’m way overqualified for.  And yet? No posts.

What’s keeping me so busy?  Certainly it’s not my part-time job.  Or all the kids I still don’t have.  Or my super-busy (meh) social life.

I read all of these wonderful blogs written by fabulous women every day and they inspire me to write and yet?  I still haven’t done it.  What’s my deal?

I resolve to do better, to write more, to share with the strangers of the interwebs all of the things I promised in my introductory post.  Soon.  Very soon.  If not sooner.




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