Now that the introductions are out of the way…

30 01 2009

let’s get down to the business of my life.  How did I get here again?  I guess it all really started about 5 years ago (or nearly 29, but whatever).

So? My backstory?  You’re all dying to read it.  All none of you.

I met my [now] husband  in what is quickly becoming a very common way.  That’s right folks, the wonders of internet dating are responsible for my marriage.  That and some serious chemistry-clicky-goodness.  We first “met” in October of 2003, or rather, he sent me an e-mail through the totally safe double-blind online dating e-mail message service.  Which I promptly ignored!  C’mon… he was living where he was living and I was living where I was living which just so happened to be about 80 miles North of where he was living.  And so I read his very charming e-mail and didn’t write back.  But… I also neglected to delete it.

So one fine December day–after I’ve decided to move about 45 miles south to the land where the rent is cheaper (read: free.  Thanks mom!), save my money so that I can quit my job and go back to school–I’m sitting in my office with some rare down time, cleaning out my e-mail account.  Stop me if you know where this is going.  And I come across this e-mail, his e-mail, and read it again.  Dang but he’s funny, charming, smart, and (dare I say it?) cute.  Yep, I got all of that from one short e-mail.  And I decided then and there to e-mail him back.  Knowing all the while that now, two months later, I’ve probably missed the window.

It started off as e-mails back and forth and then instant messages during his lunches and planning periods and my down-time.  Next came the telephone conversations that lasted for hours and finally, in February, we decided to actually meet.  In some place very public, very neutral, and very safe.  We ended up meeting at a local burger joint for lunch.  It was kitschy.  A small stand type restaurant straight out of 1950 with a tiny indoor seating area, oldies blasting through the speakers, and a giant plastic hamburger perched on top.  It was perfect.

Our Leap Day lunch date turned into a walk in his favorite park and then coffee at his favorite local shop and then reluctantly saying goodbye a mere 7 hours later.   We went out again the following Tuesday, this time a little closer to my neck of the woods.  And that was that.  Our fate was sealed.

We surprised our families by getting hitched less 6 months after our phenomenal first date and here we are nearly 5 years later.  Still married, still happy, still chemistry-clicky-goodness.  Not too shabby for a girl who was NEVER going to get married.

(come back later for Act II of my very exciting backstory)