Hello world!

24 01 2009

It’s a new year.  Actually, it’s a 24-day-old year now, but who’s counting really?

In an effort to blog more frequently and freely, I’ve started a new one.  Blog, that is, as we’ve already established that the year is well under way.  This blog, unlike my last will be semi-anonymous.  The theory being that I will have more to write about and more to say when I’m not worried if people I know are reading and judging; when I don’t feel like I’m sharing my inner-most secrets, fears, longings, what-have-you, with people I don’t necessarily want to know about them.   Perfect strangers half a world away? Don’t mind if they know.  But people who live down the street?  Not so much.

So, wish me luck with my new adventure.  You know, if you’ve managed to find my blog somehow in the vast reaches of cyber space.